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Thursday, June 3, 2010

G is for grease- an interview with me.

The "New York Times" raved about. "Toronto Star" loved it. All parents know what it was. I am talking about 1978's hit movie "Grease".

I think that this movie is a great movie, (and as most kids in my class know) I do believe that this is my all time favourite movie.

But why?
It could be the songs that stay in your head. The acting acting is inpeccible. Or maybe I'm just in love with Olivia-Newton John. No matter what this movie blows my socks off!

What's your favourite scene?
My favourite!? That is definatley a hard question. I love all the scenes, but I guess If I had to choose, I would pick the second last scene. It;s definatley the most famous song in the entire movie. "Your the one that I want" is just such a good song. I've seen this movie so many times by now I know all the words.

How did you find this movie?
Well, it's actually quite funny. I went to Blockbusters so I could rent a movie. I picked up the movie "Transformers". When I brought it home, I realized that the movie "Grease" was in it. My mom said that she wouldn't watch Transformers, but she would love to watch grease. What do you know, I loved it to.

What's your least favourite part?
Well that is definatley one of the harder questions I've come upon. I love all of it, how do I pick a least favourite? I can't say that their is any part of the movie that I don't like. Sorry.

What is the movie about?
The Movie is about a boy and a girl who fall in love over the summer. Danny (The boy who's in love with the girl, played by John Travolta) is nice to Sandy and treats her like a queen over the summer, and Sandy is the same with Danny. They part for the year and expect to never see each other again. But little do you know they come to the same high school! Danny isn't as nice when he is around his friends though... so Sandy gets mad... but i wont ruin the ending.


Life Lesson: How do you live your life when nobody's watching? Well act nice all the times, not just sometimes..


Life Lesson: Don't be like

Sunday, April 25, 2010

L is for Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), better known by her stage name Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter and absolute sensation!

From singing about teeth to telephones Lady Gaga never fails to wow her fans. Although her clothing choice may not be best, and there are rumors that her voice is all computers Lady Gaga is still one of the leading singers for this generation.

But what is it that changes her from all of the other celebrities in the world?
Other than having very catchy songs, Lady Gaga is just so unpredictable. You never know what she is going to do. Her videos are so.... weird that millions of people just want to see them. And she dresses so odd that people are interested and want to know how she is going to dress to her next event. Lady Gaga has built her entire empire, using the wow factor as a foundation.

Lady Gaga's music videos. These four words can take you into a whole new world of such weird things. I mean come on, has anybody seen the music video for telephone, or for bad romance. Those videos are just plain weird. But again, that's what she has created. She wants people to think that the telephone music video is so weird so that they will tell their friends, and then their friends will look at it. I mean thomas barber told me about telephone and that is the only reason that I even saw it.

Lady Gaga's clothing choice. These are again four words that lady gaga have made you think that they are weird. I mean who else saw what she was wearing to the MTV music video awards? Well probably not because most of you were busy listening to Kanye West interupt Taylor Swift's performance to say that Beyonce should of won. Well Lady Gaga wore some ridiculous costumes, yes she's wearing costumes now because what she is wearing is something Hannah would wear on Halloween. But that's what she wants, people to give her attention and to write about because she's weird.

But there are two sides to every story.

Has it ever occured to you that Lady Gaga isn't trying to be weird. Maybe Lady Gaga is actually acting completley normal, but it's weird to us. She could of acted like this her whole life, but we just aren't used to it.

According to Lady Gaga told them that she works super hard trying to create eye-popping outfits to wow her fans. She said that she wants men to think harder in what sexy in a women.

"A girl's got to use what she's given and I'm not going to make a guy drool the way a Britney video does. So I take it to extremes. I don't say I dress sexily on stage - what I do is so extreme. It's meant to make guys think: 'I don't know if this is sexy or just weird.'"
- starpulse

Lady Gaga's songs. Different than the other things in her life, these are normal. I mean some are a little weird like the song teeth, but some like just dance, and poer face, and paparazzi are normal catchy songs that everyone likes. Who wouldn't? Lady Gaga is absolutey amazing at singing and really does have amazing songs out there!

Lady Gaga's influence. Lady Gaga holds a very high position of power right now. She controls a lot of people's minds. Is she doing it right? Little girls are watching her trying to be like her. My friend Jason Couto is obsessed with her! She has so much power and she chooses to wear provocative clothing, swear on camera, and disrespect herself. That's the image that little girls are getting from her, that's not what you want do you? Sure she may be getting publicity.....

but at what cost?

Life Lesson: Respect yourself.

The telephone music video is so weird.

So is the Bad romance one.

and teeth is sooooo weird.

This is the one for just dance, which is a total normal song. :)

Lady gaga interview.

This is a spoof that makes fun of lady gaga.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

G is for Glee

Glee - a part song, usually scored for at least three solo voices, and normally sung unaccompanied.

Glee clubs are made all across high schools all over the world. Nobody thought that they were a big deal, that was until the hit T.V. show GLEE was introduced to the world!

I love the show glee! It's simply amazing. I mean it's so simple, just a bunch of kids who are in a glee club, and some going from the top of the popularity food chain to the bottom because of this club. Yet it's such a good show that I watch every single episode and I own season one on DVD.

There are a number of people in the glee series. The main characters are Sue Salvestor, Will Schuester, Emma Pilsbury, Rachel Berry, Quin Fabray, and Kurt Hummel. These characters make this show what it is today.

Personaly my favourite character is Sue Salvester, and Will Shuester. The people who play these characters are named Mathew Morrison and Jane Lynch. They are phenomenal actors to be able to do such good acting to make me like them so much.

The moral of glee is to be true to who you are. The big football player in glee is really popular, but then he joins glee club because he wants to so he becomes unpopular by joining glee, but he is true to himself.

A girl in glee named Quin is pregnant in this T.V. show. She used to be head chearleader, but she quit for glee. She is pregnant, and she is telling Kurt that he is the baby's father, even though he isn't! Really someone else is. This secret was reavealed at the end of the first season. So now Quin is taking care of her pregnantcy with the babies real daddy.

Also in this T.V. show Will Shuester is married to a women. She is pretending to be pregnant to save her marriage though. She was planning on having Quin's baby when she get's pregnant. Once Will found out this fact he dumped her in a heart beat. And now he has a relaioship with Emma.

Throughout this entire T.V. show Sue Salvester is trying to sabotage the glee club all the time.

So tell me, would you want to be in a glee club? With all this drama... but that's what makes Glee club such a good show.

Life Lesson: Follow glee, and be true to who you are.... like kurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


M is for Music

Pop, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, and Classical! These are all forms of music, and that's what im talking to you about today!

Music is everywhere, I mean now that there are I-pods, and portable radios, and even computers hold music its hard not to find it. Itunes definatley plays a big part in this music industry. Two clicks and you bought a whole album with 15 or 16 songs that you can listen to non-stop. Plus itunes have made it possible for people to sinc there songs to there computers. That means that you have all the songs on your i-pod/MP3 player in your computer. This also means that you can sinc your songs onto other peoples I-pod, so everyone gets your music!!! CRAZY RIGHT! But that's actually really cool.

Plus Youtube has radically changed the music industry for the better. I mean, you can listen to any type of music you want in the entire world! Now that's cool! I mean if i feel like listening to some pop music then I can just jump onto my computer go to youtube, then just type in some pop music and a million copies of that song are immmediatley shown up on my screen. That's amazing! I mean there's no reason to buy a CD or record, you just need to get a computer.

Now how is this affecting the CD industry? Recent studdies show that since 2006, when youtube was bought by google for 165 billion dollars, CD sales went down 13% within a month of sales. Now CD sales are not nearly as high as they were before youtube, but still good enough to keep store like HMV open.

14 songs out of the animal album by Kesha cost 9.99. In HMV it costs about 15.99. Now you can see why Itunes is also more affordable for the average person in North America. Plus an Itunes gift card for $20.00 can easliy get two albums, but in HMV you can just get one. So for a present I would much rather reicieve or give a gift card to itunes rather than HMV.

But why aren't CDs all around the world going out of buissness? Well I guess there is still a high demand for CDs, lets here why. You see some people who are older aren't really used to this "computer thing", and dont really know how to just hop onto there computer and download songs, or go to youtube. So they dont go on youtube, or Itunes and instead they buy CDs. Also if a CD is signed by a band or a singer, you can sell it for a high price, rather than a song on itunes.

So which is better? Itunes, Youtube, or any of the other music related internet sites, or Compact Disc? There are many reasons that both can be doing well in the business world. So you can dd whatever is right for you.

Life Lesson: Listen to whatever music seems right to you, dont let somebody else control it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

C is for Charity

What will you give? This is a common question. I mean there are so many charitys out there! Nevertheless, this question comes around a lot, whether someone is collecting money at your door, work, or school you always feel obliglated to donate something.

Well one would think that this is great. People are donating to the poor, and there helping people acroos the world. Dont get me wrong, this great, but did you know that the heart & s troke foundation colllects 50% of there donations for themsleves, or that when you send one dollar to africa, the company sending it collects at least 20 cents of it for themsleves.

Now what do you think? Should people donate 10 dollars to the heart & stroke foundation when only $5.00 gets there? Should we sponsor kids for a dollar a day, when they are only getting 80 cents or less? I mean ofcourse we will. These people are still getting something, but it's just so unfair that these people are collecting money by pulling on peoples heart strings.

So remember the next time you donate money to a charity, look up the charity. See how much money they take for themselves and donate accordingly.

LIFE LESSON: dont be greedy

I commented on CHRISTINE'S post called zebras.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

B is for Bullying

Bullying, the act of intentionally causing harm to others, through verbal harassment, physical assault, or other more subtle methods such as manipulation.

You hear kids shuffling across the floor to get away, they hide their lunch money in their socks. They run into the washrooms. You don't know what's going on. A big boy looks at you and pushes you to ground, takes your lunch money, and leaves.

Bullying it happens from little kids playing in the sandbox to grown adults getting a job in the company. People think that bullying isn't a very big topic and shouldn't be taken seriously, but it should. People get bullied because of their habits, grades, ethnic backgrounds, weather their rich or poor, and for many other reasons that can make people quite upset.

Everyday millions of kids get hurt inside and out because of bullying. Kids are afraid to go to school all around the world. Imagine if you were one of those kids.

You're inside a stall scared out of your mind. You hear some guys come into the bathroom, and they're looking for you. You hear them kick open the stall beside you and you hear footsteps as they walk to your stall. They know your in the stall, they open the stall door, and find you.

That situation happens to hundreds of thousands of people all across the world. But this isn't the only form of bullying.

One type of bullying is verbal harassment. Verbal Harassment is when someone calls someone rude names. This is one of the most common type of bullying in the world! People don’t think that they are bullying because they aren’t physically hurting someone, and it usually happens behind someone’s back.

Another type of bullying is physical bullying. This is when people hurt other people physically. This is usually the type of bullying people think of whenever they think of the word bully. This bullying is easier to find out about because there usually are bruises that they can show as proof.

Gossip is also a terrible type of bullying. This is when someone talks about another person behind their back. This can be when people talk meanly about someone to their friends, or even writing on a bathroom wall. Gossip can be expressed in many different ways, and this is defiantly one of the worst the worst types of bullying.

“So if I’m bullied. What can I do to stop it?”

The best way to stop being bullied is to tell a teacher. Telling a teacher can be very affective. They can talk to the person bullying you, and even talk to the principal about it.

So if your getting bullied then tell the teacher. It can help you out a lot. And you won’t be considered a tattle tale.

Life Lesson: Don’t bully people. It doesn't make you seem cool, it just makes you seem very mean. Besides that, it can really hurt the person your bullying, and it can lead to very bad things. People who get bullied tend to get very sad when you bully them, so why do it?


Monday, February 1, 2010

H is for Haiti

The Western Hemisphere has alway been know as the wealthiest hemisphere in the world. But there has always been one country, out of all the countries in the western hemisphere, one country is very very poor. By far Haiti has this title locked up. Haiti is and has always been a poverty stricken country, although maybe not as bad as some countries in Africa, Haiti still is extremely poor.

Well we see a poverty stricken country and pity it, we always feel terrible that there are children in this country dying from starvation and suffering from disease, but then something even more tragic occurs. An earthquake! Haiti has gone from being a country that was poor, but becoming richer to a disaster! Buildings are falling down! Children are starving to death! And to top it off the violence, in this already violent country, has risen by a tremendous amount!

"Well an earthquake happened. Who cares? Earthquakes happen in places like California and Florida all the time! So whats the bid deal?"

Earthquakes that occur in California and Florida usually don't make a huge impact on society! Sure they need to replace a few pipes on houses, maybe even fix a building or two, but these are very small earthquakes compared to the one Haiti. Haiti's earthquake was a 7 on the richter scale! That is a huge earthquake. Millions of people have died and another million are injured.

"Why is there so much violence going on? Don't these people know that violence won't solve anything?"

Imagine your in a country that now has very little food supplies and your family is starving. You have no choice but to go to other people's houses and get food, and maybe even steal. Now imagine you have food for your family, but someone is trying to take it. You will most likely have to fight them off to get rid of them, this is when violence occurs.

"Well what can we do to help?"

Haiti has many people helping as we speak. You may not want to do something as drastic as go to Haiti and work on fixing buildings, but you can easily go to google and just type in "Donate to Haiti" and you can find a helpful website. Your small change could make a huge difference in someone's life!"

A lot of people are just thinking that they shouldn't donate. That their few dollars isn't going to make a huge difference, but it will. Every penny sent to Haiti will help.

Haiti will have to cope with their current situation, and it will hopefully get better! We can only pray. But a lot of money and help are going their way, so it will hopefully get better.

Please keep Haiti in your prayers!

Life Lesson: Be happy with what you have. Because you never know when an earthquake could hit and destroy everything

R.I.P. The citizens of Haiti.

If you would like to learn more about the earthquake, and the country Haiti itself click here.